Felucca ride in Egypt

Felucca is a traditional wooden boat of Egypt and a visit to Egypt is incomplete without enjoying a relaxing ride on one. The best time to go for a Felucca ride is just before sunset as it is pleasant at time and you get some beautiful captures on your camera. You could opt for a few hours ride or choose to stay overnight on the Felucca.

Most tour operators include a sail on the Felucca as a part of the Nile cruise. When the cruise ship is docked in Aswan, they will take you to for an hour long Felucca ride. You can of course book your own Felucca ride for as long as you wish. There are numerous locals with Feluccas moored near the ships who will offer to take you sailing.  Look around the Feluccas and choose the one that you think will be comfortable and you have a good feeling about. Also, decide on the price before you make the ride.

If there is no wind, the Feluccas are a bit slow. So, before you start check that there is some good wind :) With a gentle steady breeze, the Felucca glides along the Nile beautifully. The views are beautiful and you can see birds flying by. The sunset looks gorgeous when viewed from the Felucca.

There are no fixed prices for the Felucca ride. They keep changing from season to season and city to city. Always ask for the price/duration of the ride before you travel. And yes - haggling is a part of life there, so bargain for a good deal.

Tip: Carry a mosquito repellent with you when you go for the Felucca ride. Sure to come in handy.

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