The Epping Forest District Museum in Waltham Abbey

The Epping Forest District Museum is located in a lovely Tudor building in Sun Street, Waltham Abbey. With a permanent display of important finds from the district and a number of special exhibitions, the museum is a family friendly place to explore.

The museum has over 1,00,000 objects in its collection and these include engravings, costumes, toys, prints, watercolours, prehistoric tools, photographs, coins, documents and Anglo Saxon, Viking and medieval objects among others.

The ground floor houses the Archaeology gallery, the Medieval gallery and the Tudor Gallery. The first floor contains the History gallery and the Landing gallery while the second floor is home to the Art gallery and special exhibitions.

The replica Tudor dress below represents the best clothes worn by a wealthy fashionable woman in the 1540s. Clothing then consisted of a chemise or shirt which was the main piece of clothing to have contact with the skin. The gown was often split at the front to reveal a decorative underskirt. The head-dress was first worn in England in 1530s and was called a French Hood.

Can you recognise any of these local faces?

Some of the local well know faces: 1.Alan Davies 4.Queen Victoria 9.Rod Stewart 13. Winston Churchill 17.Jade Goody 21. Charles Dickens 29.Lord Alfred Tennyson.

Entrance to the museum is free and the museum is open at the following times:
Monday 10-4pm (including bank holidays)
Tuesday 10-4pm (closed between 10-12 noon on the third Tuesday of each month)
Friday 10-4pm (excluding Good Friday)
Saturday 10-5pm
Closed from Christmas to New Year

Epping Forest District Museum
39-41 Sun Street,
Waltham Abbey, EN9 1EL
Telephone: 01992 716882

If you are visiting the museum, you can also visit the Waltham Abbey Church which is nearby. Both clubbed together can make a good day out with the family.

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