Exploring Eidfjord in the Norwegian Fjordlands

Travelling aboard the MS Marco Polo from the port of Tilbury in UK, we crossed the North Sea and entered the Norwegian Fjordlands. After a brief stop at Ulvik enabling the onshore excursion passengers to disembark, the ship sailed on through beautiful scenery - calm waters between the steep fjord walls - heading to Eidfjord. Ulvik and Eidfjord are part of the Hardangerfjord one of the most magnificent fjords of Norway. Did you know that Ulvik was the first place to cultivate and grow potatoes in Norway way back in 1765?

Eidfjord (translated as "land between two waters") is a small settlement with a population of fewer than 1000 people. The village is located between the fjord and a deep lake called the Eidfjordvatnet.

Exploring Eidfjord

You can do the following while in Eidfjord:
- Voringfoss Waterfall: Head to the most famous waterfall in Norway as it cascades around 600ft into the Mabo valley. Depending on the season you are visiting in, the falls may offer different views.
- Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau: This 750m high plateau is a natural park where you can spot some wildlife including herds of reindeer. The vegetation and wildlife both are protected.
- Eidfjord Old Church:  The Old church built in 1309 has a lot of history attached to it. According to legend it was built under the orders of a powerful lady called Rich Ragna as an atonement for various sins she had committed.
- Troll Train: Go sightseeing around the central part of Eidfjord in the troll train which operates from the starting point near the tourist information office.
- Hardangervidda Nature Centre: Located at the upper end of the Eidfjord lake, this centre has some on-going exhibitions, video presentations and an aquarium. It is a good place to learn something about Eidfjord.

Overall, more than anything else, Eidfjord is all about natural beauty. It is very scenic and relaxing. You can spend hours just relaxing by the lake taking in the beauty of the surroundings. Or you can go for scenic nature trails. Either way, you are sure to enjoy Eidfjord.

Useful information
  • The tourist information office is located about 50 metres from where the cruise ships normally dock and is open whenever a ship calls at the Eidfjord port.
  • There is a post office inside the Eidfjord Joker Supermarket which is open Monday-Saturday 9-5. On Saturdays, it closes at 4pm though.

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