The #NoFilter Challenge Featuring Switzerland

After the huge popularity and success of their first #NoFilter project featuring Madrid, London City Airport are back with the second instalment. The second edition of the #NoFilter project focuses on Switzerland and is being judged by Becky and Gray, editors of the Global Grasshopper travel website.

The objective of the #NoFilter project is to encourage everyone to get back to the roots of photography. The #NoFilter campaign advocates everyone to share photos of cities; photos that have not been altered by running them through any kind of photo software filters. What that means is we do not use programs like Instagram, Hipstamatic or Snapseed to enhance images; instead we let the original and natural beauty of the photograph be the focal point.

Like I mentioned earlier, Switzerland has been chosen as the destination for the second #NoFilter project. I had travelled to Switzerland a couple of years back with my husband and it was a dream come true. With its amazing natural beauty, numerous lakes, stunning mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls and snow-topped peaks, Switzerland offers plenty of photography subjects. The country is a travellers' and photographers' delight. Switzerland is a small country and also has a very efficient public transport system. That makes it is very easy to travel around and visit most of the top tourist sites. We visited Jungfrau which offers stunning and spectacular scenery - scenery which one will cherish for a long time. We visited Geneva; the third biggest city in Switzerland and also the city where you find the world's tallest fountain. And finally, we also visited the Lauterbrunnen Valley which comprises the village of Lauterbrunnen, the Staubbach Falls and a few other small villages.

Our most favourite activity while in Switzerland was hiking. There are miles of marked trails to explore. If you love hiking, then Switzerland is the place to go. Hiking is the best way to enjoy the landscape of Switzerland and also to photograph the stunning landscape from every angle. If you are travelling to Switzerland as a photographer and not as a typical tourist, the only issue with photography would be deciding what to photograph. It is difficult to choose just one mountain or one lake as the best location for photography because every location is stunning. If you are visiting as a tourist and also happen to love photography then be assured that by the time you return from Switzerland you would have captured hundreds of photos. The only tip I can give you is to carry waterproof clothing, an umbrella and a clear plastic bag for your camera. Whether you choose the 'top visited sites' in Switzerland or opt for an 'off-the-beaten track' location, you are sure to have a beautiful and memorable photographic journey.

If you would like to find out more about what to see and what to do in Switzerland, you can check out the Geneva guide from London City Airport. And as I sign-off the post, I shall leave you with a few #NoFilter pictures from our Switzerland visit.

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