Lauterbrunnen to Jungfrau - The Jungfraujoch Railway experience

Our base while in Switzerland was the very stunning Lauterbrunnen. After a day exploring Lauterbrunnen, we planned to visit Jungfrau. Tickets to Jungfrau can be purchased from any railway station. The ticket cost is approx. 165CHF per person (return fare; for group bookings, you can get a discount). A bit on the expensive side, but the railway excursion is not to be missed especially if the weather is good. If it is cloudy or snowing, it is not a wise idea to head up to the top - because all you will see is snow everywhere - a total washout (or should I say 'snowout'). The snow never melts and with the sun's blinding glare, you need sunglasses to protect your eyes and to just look around.

The day we headed up, there was a snow blizzard and part of the way up was carpeted in snow. Initial parts of the journey did offer good views but towards the end, it was all white.

The Jungfrau summit offers everything that a tourist spot should offer - restaurants, souvenir shops and even a post office. There is an ice palace with some ice sculptures and then there is the Sphinx Terrace which offers panoramic views from the open-air spot at 3571m.

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