Rainton's pageant at Forty Hall 2012 - Photos

Yesterday was the Rainton's pageant at Forty Hall. Sir Nicholas Rainton, the owner of Forty Hall(way back in early 1600s) was brought to life yesterday by a wonderful actor. Sir Nicholas and a group of Jacobean characters arrived at Forty Hall from Enfield Town. The parade was led by Sir Nicholas on a boat which was followed by a motley group of  characters all dressed differently.

There was lot happening at Forty Hall - fire eaters, stilt walkers, jesters and even a stall selling hog roast. The jesters put up a lovely show. The kids and adults all enjoyed it alike. There were some enactments and performances in the courtyard by the group of actors.

The rooms of the newly refurbished Forty Hall were decorated. Flower arrangements put up in all the rooms and the dinner table was setup as well.


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