Cedars Park in Cheshunt

Cedars Park in Cheshunt has a distinguished history. The park stands on the grounds where once stood the Royal Palace of Theobalds. The palace was built in 1563 and was home to distinnguised men. During the civil war the palace was plundered and defaced and by 1780s all that was left was a ruin. The grounds were gifted to the Chesunt Council in 1920 and it was converted into a modern country park over the years.

The Cedars Park has some ruins of the old palace still on the grounds. You can see a flint arch at one end of the park grounds. Interesting to read the history and get to know more about it. Did you know that Cedars Park is designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument, having historic significance on a national level as one of the main Tudor Palaces of its day.

Spread over 19 acres, the park has a wildflower meadow and a mature parkland. It also has a lovely rose garden and seasonal colourful flower beds.

For kids there is a Pets corner and a landscaped pond which is home to lots of ducks and geese.

Cedars park also has a tea room and the Cedars Park Trail which will enable you to explore the park's history. There is also a bocce court near the maze. The maze in the park is based on a maze design published in 1954 in The Garderener's Labyrinth. To keep the maintenance costs low and to fit in the available space the maze has been simplified to a turf and low box hedge version.

Overall, its a beautiful park - lovely for spending some peaceful time and for walking.

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