The Waltham Abbey Church and Gardens

The Waltham Abbey Church or the Church of the Holy Cross and St Lawrence stands at the heart of the community and has served the town of Waltham Abbey for nearly fourteen centuries. It is open daily for prayer and worship. The Abbey is noted for the grave of Harold II - the last Anglo Saxon King of England.

The Abbey gardens are open to public and you can explore the rose garden or jsut walk around and take in the ruins. There are plenty of benches and picnic tables to sit back and relax in the lovely surroundings.

The Waltham Abbey gatehouse ruins - these are riuns of the 14th century gatehouse. The gateway built in 1369 of stone and bricks formed the main entrance to the abbey precinct which was set within its own enclosure separate from the town. The large archway was for wheeled  traffic while the small archway was for pedestrian traffic.

Waltham Abbey Church and Gardens
Abbey View
Waltham Abbey
Essex EN9 1XQ


  1. I would like to confess, I stole couple of apples from the Abbey gardens.

    1. I was actually instigated to do so by my wife(Author of this blog).


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