The River Lee Country Park

Lee Valley Regional Park running through the north east of London, Essex and Hertfordshire is a 10,000 acre park - much of it open green spaces. The park follows the course of River Lee and has green spaces, country parks, nature reserves and lakes and sports centre.

The River Lee Country Park is located in the Lee Valley Park and has many water bodies like Bowyers Water, Cheshunt Lake, HooksMarsh lake, Friday Lake, Seventy Acres Lake and Hall Marsh Scrape to name a few.

1. Bowyer's Water - the 35 acre water body is the oldest gravel pit in Lee Valley park. It includes gravel bars, plateaus, islands and big beds of lily pads. The water is home to Carps, Tench, Pike and other fishes.

2. Pindar - a part of the River Lee Country park is one of the many open spaces of the park. The area has something for everyone - wildlife, pathways for walking, running and cycling, foshing opportunities and open spaces to enjoyt the fresh air.

3. The Orchid Discovery Trail - in Lee Valley Regional Park is a waymarked trail where one can get close-up views of the beautiful and scarce Orchid plants. The route is approximately 2 miles and takes about an hour and half to complete. The orchids are only in bloom from late May to July.

4. Waterbird Discovery Trail - is an expanse of open water bodies which provide safe roosting sites for wildfowl. The shallow waters offer nutrient rich feeding sites for dabbling ducks. Tern rafts and flaoting wooden structures covered with pebbles for the terns to nest can be seen. Islands provide safe, sheltered areas for wildfowl to rest and breed offering protection from human disturbance and ground predators like foxes.

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