Redbridge School's Artwork at London Pride Exhibition, Ilford

Secondary schools in Redbridge were invited to submit pieces of art that depict events across the 60 years of the reign of HM the Queen Elizabeth II.

The following five schools submitted art works, some of which were displayed at the Artwork Exhibition
- Ilford County High School
- The Forest Academy
- Trinity Catholic High School
- Woodford County High School and
- Valentines High School

The Queen in Squares - by Romeo Vignali (Year11)
Trinity Catholic High School

The 00 Decade - by Hana Mohammed, Simran Kaur, Zahrah Ahmed and Roaa Alfatlawi (Year9)
Valentines High School

The Stamp in Stamps
Trinity Catholic High School

The Cartoon Queen - By Thomas Sylvester (Year7)
Trinity Catholic High School

And my favourite from all the exhibits was the one below:
The ICHS Commemorative Stamp - by Year 7,8,9 and 12 Students
Ilford County High School

According to the placard, the students wanted to create a 'first class' exhibit which involved as many students as possible and one which captured the rich and varied elements of the Queen's reign. The students decided to produce an ICHS commemorative stamp in the form of a collage using real stamps from the Queen's reign.

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