The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - London Pride Exhibition

To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Valentine's Mansion hosted the London Pride art and desgin festival, showcasing six decades of art and design in London. The festival ran from 29th March until 1st April 2012 and featured major art galleries, museums and schools and colleges.

Here are some of the open art pieces exhibited at the London Pride exhibition.

The Griffin of Edward III
The Griffin was closely associated with Edward III who engraved it on his private seal. This ancient mythical beast was considered a beneficent creature, signifying courage and strength, combined with guardianship, vigilance, swiftness and keen vision.

The Yale of Beaufort
The Yale was a mythical beast covered in gold spots. Its peculiar characteristic was that it could swivel each of its horns independently. It descends to the Queen through Henry VII, who inherited it from his mother, Lady Maragaret Beaufort.

The Black Bull of Clarence
Edward IV had three emblmes all of which were amongst the Queen's beasts. The Black BUll of Clarence, the Falcon of the Plantagenets and the White Lion of Mortimer. The Black Bull is associated with honour and wealth.

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