London Olympic Park Walk

The Olympic Park is nearing completion and many enthusiasts and visitors are keen to have a look at the stadium and its surroundings. The View Tube setup near Stratford on the Greenway is a good spot for viewing the park.

You can also go for an Olympic walk taking in the views of the Olympic village with the velodrome, the main stadium, the aquatics centre and the Orbit Observation tower. A lot of group tours are offered by various tour operators charging around £10 for a 2-hour walk. Agreed that a well-versed guide walks along with you, providing you information/trivia about the place, but I feel you can do this walk on your own.

Check the maps above. The paths denoted by the red dashed lines are for pedestrians
and cyclists. Enjoy the walk.

We did this sometime back. Printed out some directions from the internet and headed to Stratford. From Stratford tube station walk a little and you will reach the Greenway. The path is well labeled and directions are put up everywhere for ease of use. It is difficult to miss it. Directions to the View Tube also are put up and you can walk along the route(footpath - some of it is along a towpath though) taking in the Olympic park views. has also put up an Olympic park map which will be very useful to visitors.

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