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OJAS (Hoysala) - Art for the Heart - Art and Music Event on 25 Feb 201​2 at Ilford

OJAS - Art for the heart, an art and music event aimed to attract the best upcoming talents from a variety of disciplines was held yesterday at the Ilford Ursuline High School in Ilford.

The event featured the following artists:

- Legendary Violinist Dr. Jyotsna Srikanth's fusion and contemporary music ensemble
- A series of exciting Bharatanatyam dance pieces by professionals from Sanskriti UK
- Shreedhar Mechri's Classical Hindustani rendition in Bansuri as well as Vocals supported by Siddharth on Tabala
- Tejashree's contemporary quirky vocal numbers
- OJAS's in-house performing musical band's contemporary, filmy and some rare musical presentation (Vocals : Archana Rao, Nilima Rao, Bhaskar Chikkana, Sumana Dhruva
Flute : Kiran Kumar, Percussion : Sidharth, Violin : Suraj)
- Kishore's light classical vocal medley in different South Indian Languages supported by Suraj on Violin
- Kishan's mind-numbing freestyle dancing.
- Bollywood mood breaker by Shilpa Srinivas

If you are intersted in attending the next event or for volunteering in future events then contact:
Badri : 07507438494 or Jay : 07701073143

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