Shanklin (seaside town) in Isle of Wight

Shanklin is lovely little seaside town in Isle of Wight. We spent a few nights there during the Christmas break.

The main attractions in Shanklin are its sandy beaches, the old village and the Shanklin Chine.
Most hotels and restaurants are located along the esplanade. Shanklin used to have a pier until 1987 when it was destroyed in the Great Storm. There are 2 beaches in Shanklin - the "Hope Beach" and the "Small Hope Beach". Hope Beach is near the esplanade and most seaside attractions are located here. There is a cliff lift from the top of the cliff to the seafront. However this was not working when we went. There are stairs to walk down to the seafront and its not very tiring climbing back up either.
There are lots of hotels to stay at while visiting Shanklin. You can enjoy your time leisurely on the beach or go for day trip to Alum Bay, Godshill or Newport.

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