Alum Bay Glass (glass blowing workshop) in Isle of Wight

Alum bay is a much visited place in the Isle of Wight. And the Needles park in Alum Bay is where many visitors go. Needles Park is one of the best places to view the Needles Rock and the lighthouse. The park also has Sweet Manufactory and a Glass Blowing Workshop called - the Alum Bay Glass.

Alum Bay glass produces lead-free crystal glass products. The techniques used are handwork techniques be it - blowing, pressing, spinning or drawing.

There is a workshop where an artisan is always present creating marvellous pieces of glassware. We spent quite some time there watching the artisan do his job with so much ease and finesse. Here are some videos for you to enjoy.

Alum Bay Glass
Alum Bay,
Isle of Wight,
PO39 0JD
United Kingdom

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