The Sant Roma's Parish church in Lloret de Mar (Parochial Church of Sant Romà)

While wandering through the town center in Lloret de Mar, we came upon a beautiful church. It was so modern in look and feel and yet had that old world charm. It was the Sant Roma's Parish church. It has two side chapels both of which are in a very modern style.

We went in. There were just a couple of other visitors and it was so peaceful and calm inside.

We stayed for a week in Lloret and eveytime we went to the beach, we passed through the shopping streets and this lovely church. The two chapels namely - the Chapel of Baptistery and Chapel of the Holy Sacrament - have been designed in modern style by Bonaventura Conill I Montobbio.

If you happen to be in Lloret, then do visit this lovely modern church.

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