The Richmond Royal Park in London

We had been to Richmond park last week. Its one of the royal parks in London - infact the largest one covering almost 2500 acres. The main reason we wanted to visit this one was to see the free roaming deer. And we were not disappointed. Spotted lots of deer at a very close range.

The park has everything a nature lover could ask for - woodlands, ponds, well maintained gardens, grasslands, small green hills and wildlife.

Lets talk about the main wildlife attraction  - the deer. There are around 300 red and 350 fallow deer which roam the park freely. You can find them grazing on the lush green grass. We spotted the deer within a few hours of exploring the park. A huge herd was grazing and resting on a grassy mound. It was amazing to see them from such a short distance - we were just a few meters away from them.

The park is open all throughout the year. In summers its open from 7am to dusk. While in winter it opens at 7:30 am until dusk. The nearest station is Richmond on the District line. You can get down here and take the bus no 371 to the pedestrain gate at Petersham. You can walk too as its around 15-20 minutes by brisk walk.

Richmond Park Office | Holly Lodge, Richmond Park, Surrey TW10 5HS
T. +44 (0)300 061 2200

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