An Aussie’s Guide to UK Tours

With a plethora of bar jobs and easy access to working holiday visas, more and more Aussies are making the mammoth journey up to the Northern Hemisphere for an extended visit to see the Queen in her home country.

The British Isles and UK tours are often the starting point of an entire adventure across the continent of Europe. Here’s a guide to the most popular attractions that Aussies like to undertake when visiting the home of the Poms.


1.The Cricket

Aussies go mad for the cricket. It is, after all, their national sport. UK tours give Australians the opportunity to watch the cricket in the country who invented the game. Beware though, England’s crushing defeat of Australia in Australia means that you’ll be in for a bit of stick from the locals once they hear an Aussie accent. Don’t worry though, it’s all in good fun!

Australia plays England in England once every four years for the Ashes, so if you time your UK tours just right, you may get a chance to watch the greatest cricket spectacle on Earth in the country it was coded. Those looking to simply soak up a slice of cricket culture should be sure to take in a tour of Lord’s cricket ground, the home of cricket.

2.Aussie Bars

Australians needn’t worry if they’re a little homesick on UK tours, there are plenty of Australian bars scattered around the United Kingdom that will have them well up with nostalgia on first entrance.

They’re all stacked with Aussie themed paraphernalia on the walls and they’re sure to have a wealth of Aussies beers on tap and in the fridges. The Walkabout chain, in particular, is famed Aussie bars and the perfect place to ring in Australia Day, should this occur during your UK tours.

3.The Seaside

Last but not least, all Aussies need to factor in a trip to the Great British seaside when they are on UK tours. And put it this way: the UK’s seaside resorts are a far cry away from Bondi Beach!

British seaside culture is unique and a worthwhile experience for all Aussies visiting the United Kingdom. You can stuff your face with sugared candy floss and waste the afternoon away on the twopenny arcade machines.

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