The city of Brugge (Bruges) in Belgium

Brugge is located in north-west Belgium and is the capital of the West Flanders province. The city is a World Heritage site and like Venice is a canal based city. It is often called as the Venice of the North.

Brugge has lots of medieval buildings and is a lovely place to spend a relaxed holiday.

Important landmarks and sights in Brugge are:

- The 13th century Belfry (the bell tower is also known as "Halletoren" or the tower of halls. The Bell tower houses 47 bells as of date with the total weight of the bells amounting to 28 tonnes...whooping, isn't it?)

- The Basilica of the Holy Blood
- The City Hall

- The Saint Salvator's Cathedral
- The Beguinage
- The Provinicial COurt

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