Cheese and Clog factory in Amsterdam

On our visit to Amsterdam, we went to a Cheese and Clog factory. I love cheese and this visit was not only good on the senses but very informative as well. If you are on a group tour, then this visit will be included in your tour package.

The process of cheese making is explained by one of the members there. Then you are given around 10 varieties of cheese to taste - smoked cheese, cheese infused with herbs and spices and so on.

In the clog factory you are shown the process of making clogs (wooden shoes which are a famous item from Netherlands). The person demonstrating also talks about the history and uses of clogs in various occupations. This was the first time I was seeing a wooden clog in my life and I was very fascinated by the speed at which the staff member finished making the clog. This was a very informative session. In the souvenir shop you can choose from a variety of clogs - different shapes, sizes and colours, clog money bank, clog key chains and so much more.

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