The Valentines Mansion and Park in Gants Hill, Redbridge

Valentines Mansion is a Grade II building situated in Valentines Park in Gants Hill, Redbrige. The Gants Hill Underground Station is just 5 minutes walk from the mansion.

Valentines Mansion is more than 300 years old and was was built in around 1696 for Elizabeth Tillotson and her family.

Seen below is one of the small lakes inside the park.

The boating lake at Valentines park.

The rococo grottoes at Valentines Park.

There are lots of squirrels on the park grounds - and most of them are so friendly that they dont mind taking a morsel of food from your hands :)

The mansion ground also is home to lot of water birds

The water fountain in the park.

The gardens

The eatery inside the park

The Wishing Well

The Termite Zone

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