Osterley House and Park

Osterley House is a beautiful 18th-century Tudor mansion set in the Osterley Park which spreads over 350 acres.

The house was initially built for Sir Thomas Gresham in 1570s. However in 1760s due to mortgage default the house came into the possession of Sir Francis Child who headed the Child's bank then. He employed Robert Adam to remodel the house. After the death of Francis Child in 1763 the hosue came into the possession of Robert Child.

The house is a red bricked structure with turrets in the four corners. The interiors are characterised by rich plasterwork and a varied colour scheme.

The Long Hall is 130ft long and occupies the whole length of the west front. It was refurbished in 1756-1959 and houses the Childs' large collection of pictures.

You will also notice two pairs of Chinese famille rose mandarin jars and one pair of rose blue ground mandarin vases in the Long Hall. These were made in the early part of the reign of the Chinese emperor Qianlong (1736-1795).

The Entrance Hall was constructed as an all-purpose room, and often used as a saloon, reception room and occasionally as a dining room.The Hall's rectangular shape is enhanced by the large semicircular alcoves at each end and it  looks marvellous.

The Garden House was designed by Robert Adam in 1780. In the 18th century the Garden house was used to entertain guests. It was filled with exotic scented plants while during summer 45 orange and lemon trees were put outside to decorate the surrounding paths.

The Temple of Pan was probably built on mid 18th century before Robert Adam redesigned the Osterley house. The Temple of Pan was used as a place of relaxation by the visitors to Osterley. The windows in the back wall provided a magnificient view of the Great Meadow.

The Osterley house also has a walled Tudor garden which is currently being restored. The garden provides flowers for the floral displays used in the house.

The ground floor houses the servant quarters and the kitchen (which also includes a pastry room - just for baking cookies and stuff)

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