The city of Canterbury in Kent

Canterbury is a city in the district of Kent in South East England. It is most famous for the Canterbury Cathedral.

Canterbury has been inhabited since the prehistoric times and that makes it a very old city. The Romans captured it in first century AD and rebuilt it adding new streets and theatres and public baths.

After the departure of the Romans from Britain in 410 AD, Canterbury was abandoned. Many years later an Anglo Saxon community formed there. In 840s and 850 it was raided by the Danish.

Later during the Second World War almost 10,000 bombs were dropped destroying many homes and buildings in the city.

Today however the city has developed and yet retains its old world charm. You will find the home of Mary Tourtel (the creator of Rupert Bear) still standing fine in Canterbury.

You will also find The Sun Hotel which was formerly known as the "Little Inn" and which was made famous by Charles Dickens in his travels through Kent in 1500s.

This is the Old Kings School Shop which was built in 1647...Amzing that it still stands tall after all these years. Look at the door though. The time has taken its toll and it is no longer staright. It inclines to one side :)

And look at this sign outside a bar :)

The houses shown below are weavers home...or rather used to be weavers homes in the days gone by.
The ground floor was where the family lived and on the first floor the weaver had his looms. That's the reason they have such large windows - to let in the light as they worked.

Some more old houses from Canterbury which are now shops

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