The Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, England

The Canterbury Cathedral in Kent dates back to 597AD when St. Augustine established his seat in Canterbury. The cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England and is also a part of a World Heritage Site.

The most important moment in the history of Canterbury Cathedral was the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket on Tuesday 29 December 1170 by knights of King Henry II. The king had frequent conflicts with the Archbishop and on one occasion his knights murdered Becket in his own cathedral. That gruesome history apart, the Cathedral has attracted thousands of pilgrims and visitors every year.  It is used regularly for local, regional and/or national services and events. Some parts of the cathedral are shut off when there is a service. But if you do happen to visit when a service is on you will agree that it is a beautiful experience. The organ music that is played at such times enhances the experience.

Overall, it is a very beautiful cathedral. The architecture and stained glass windows are amazing. The atmosphere is serene and the staff very friendly and helpful. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Canterbury Cathedral,
Cathedral House,
11 The Precincts,
Canterbury, CT1 2EH
United Kingdom

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