Exploring the Wild Beauty of Rough Tor (in Cornwall)

Cornwall is a picturesque county located in the southwestern part of England, known for its stunning coastline, charming fishing villages, rugged landscapes, and rich history. One of the notable features of Cornwall is its granite tors, which are rocky outcrops formed by the natural weathering and erosion of granite rocks over millions of years.

Rocky Outcrops on Rough Tor

Tors are scattered across the landscape of Cornwall, particularly in the Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor areas. These tors often offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and are popular destinations for hikers, climbers, and nature enthusiasts.

Rough Tor situated on Bodmin Moor is one of the highest tors in Cornwall, standing at 1313 feet (400 meters) above sea level. It offers panoramic views of the moorland and surrounding countryside and is popular with hikers.

We have done the Rough Tor Walk a couple of times, one of it was when we were staying at the nearby Lower Trevivian self-catering holiday cottage on the northern edge of Bodmin Moor. On both occassions it was an enjoyable and rewarding hike.

Rough Tor Hike

Rough Tor is situated in Bodmin Moor, near the town of Camelford in north Cornwall. The starting point for this hike is usually the Rough Tor Car Park (Camelford PL32 9QG) at the end of Roughtor Road. There is free parking for plenty of cars and easy access to the path up to Rough Tor.

As you exit the car park and head towards the tor, the path crosses a small stream and then it is a straightforward walk to the tor.

Access path to Rough Tor

Small stream near Rough Tor

The land begins to rise up gently and as you ascend up, you will reach a point where you will notice the path forking into two. Keep to the path on the left and continue upwards. This will take you to Showery Tor. While Showery Tor is not as well-known as the other tors in the area, it offers a quieter and more serene experience for those exploring Bodmin Moor. As you reach the top, you will be rewarded with lovely views of Rough Tor.

Enjoy the views all round and make your way to the top of Rough Tor (or head to the nearby Brown Willy).

Clamber up the rocks if you like or simply keep to the path and take in the history along the way.

Rough Tor

Rough Tor

Rough Tor

Rough Tor, like the many other tors in Cornwall, is primarily composed of granite, a result of geological processes that occurred millions of years ago. The tor's distinctive rocky outcrop is a testament to the region's geological history and the forces of weathering and erosion that have shaped the landscape over time.

Rough Tor

Bodmin Moor, including areas around Rough Tor, bears evidence of human occupation dating back to prehistoric times. Archaeological sites, such as stone circles, burial mounds and ancient settlements dot the moorland indicating that people have lived and worked in the area for thousands of years.

At the top of Rough Tor

Rough Tor Memorial Board

At Rough Tor

Granite outcrops on Rough Tor

After spending some time on the top, taking in the views (you can see Stannon Lake in the distance), you can make your way down by one of the many small paths descending down to the car park.

Descending Rough Tor

As with any hike, make sure you are well kitted out, especially in terms of boots/shoes, carry a bottle of water & some snacks and be mindful of the animals (there are sheep, cows and horses grazing around at times).

Although the best walks in Cornwall are considered as those that follow its stunning coastline, the hike to Rough Tor is also lovely. It is a unique landscape and not very crowded (at least it wasn't on both the occasions we visited it). You will get to savour the beauty of nature undisturbed by crowds.

It should take you around 2 hours to do this hike at a relaxed pace, stopping enroute to take photos.

Rough Tor Information Board

If you have time on hand and want to explore more of Cornwall after this hike, you can head to Tintagel Castle or go to Boscastle -a village/fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall or do the Rocky Valley Walk (an easy, under an hour walk with stunning views).

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