Sports Travel: How to Customise According to Your Budget

Picture this: you are planning to go on a trip to the UK to witness a sports event. Many people do this yearly; sometimes, they do not go alone. They travel in groups just like you and your friends do. How can you be sure of being provided with everything you need to know?

Manchester United Stadium


This article highlights how to go on an exciting trip without hassles, especially if you’re travelling on a budget.

Things to consider before embarking on your sports travel

Below are insights that you can use to make your trip worthwhile.

Select a reliable tour agency

Getting the best tour agency can be daunting. May it be for plain travelling or sports, the issues are always the same. However, if you know where to look, you might find the right people to carry on with making your trip memorable.

There are online sports agencies available, so you need not go out and search for them. When selecting, try to see when the tour agency website was created. Look for comments or testimonials from previous customers. Years of experience in the industry make up for credible service.

Always remember that this is always the first step to consider.

Consider the sporting event you are planning to witness

Are going to watch a cricket, rugby, football, or hockey championship? Make sure you have made up your mind. Each of these sporting events carries unique reservation styles and costs. Get the exact number of friends you are travelling with to get more perks.

West Ham United Stadium

Also, you must ensure that your chosen tour agency covers the event you aim to be part of. Some agencies don’t carry all sports events, and there will be a problem if the event that excites you most is not included in their list. It takes an eagle’s eye to check what tour agencies cover.

Check the itinerary

Reservations for sporting events vary. Checking the itinerary provided by an agency is a must, as you will pay for all activities on the list. Thus, get a bird’s eye view of what to expect before paying for the trip. Ask an agent to be more aware of how things will go.

Reservations may include gourmet hospitality, post-game events, and sightseeing trips, among others. 

Football trophies

You can also add some side trips while there, which could cost more. Nevertheless, a trip is not complete without going to speciality shops where you can find souvenirs.

Check out your accommodation

After a tiring day, you deserve to lay on something worth the money you paid for. Does your hotel accommodation have a hot and cold shower? What type of rooms would you like to reserve?

Hotel Room

You know, this is one of the most important aspects because you are there to enjoy, but at the end of the day, you also need to relax. If some sports fans take on shabby accommodations, make yours different from theirs. Make your trip worth remembering and not worth cursing.

Purchase tickets from reliable agencies

Buy tickets from credible sites.

Not all tour agencies indeed sell tickets to big events. Chances are, they will give you a link to buy, but with a hidden fee that goes to the referring tour agency. Have you heard of affiliate marketing? That’s what it is.

Try to compare tickets from one website to another to save money. Some websites also offer tickets with a tour package, but you need to dissect the overwhelming information, which can be misleading.

Always weigh the pros versus cons when buying tickets. To be sure, you can get more information here.

Take a look at your budget

When going on a trip with your friends, expect the budget to balloon even after the expenses have already been paid for by the tour agency. Lay down the expenses and talk it over with your companions. Make sure they agree to everything.

Include all details about the trip to make them aware of where their money will go. Transparency is best when asking for contributions. Sometimes, this is when groups that travel together become enemies during or before the trip ends.

Making sure friendship is preserved

To avoid further miscommunications, provide the group with a list of expenses that they can review. If there are special requests from any of them, make them understand they must pay extra. Otherwise, they can bring some provisions if they still need something else.

Maintaining the friendship you have had with the rest of the group is an essential part of the trip. You can no longer enjoy your sports tour if things go south because one group member is unhappy with the journey.

After all, the goal of this trip is not only to visit iconic stadiums but also to witness world-class tournaments, relax, and have fun.

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