Sandy Serenity: Exploring the Most Idyllic Beach Destinations by Location

Jet setting the globe and visiting exotic sandy beach locations is a bucket list I am sure we all have and hope to tick off in our lifetime, and many of us may well have frequented a magazine-inspired beach spot. Thankfully, as travel and tourism continually increase we are discovering more tranquil destinations, closer to home. And enjoying the luxury of Mother Nature’s beauty as we soak up the sun around the world and let go of life's stresses all the while enjoying the quiet time listening to the ocean sway back and forth.

A Beach in Spain


Life is busy, this is no secret, taking time away from it all, and digging your toes in the soft sands of the beach near your house is something we should strive to do. If it’s for the weekend away, or simply a day off, doing ‘nothing’ will do your soul and mind the world of good.

Pack a bag of snacks, water, and your favorite book or headphones for your newfound podcast to listen to, throw on some casual soft linens over your swimsuit, and head to your nearest back or even better, holiday location. But do we need footwear that suits the beach, the walkway to the coast, or a closed shoe? It can quickly get overwhelming and the last thing you want is to find yourself lugging around 5 pairs of footwear. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a classic, quality pair of black flip flops that work with every wardrobe and complement all color ensembles. Once that’s sorted it's time to unwind in the sun.

Finding the perfect spot to lay out your towel

The world is full of beautiful locations, each unique in its own way, and their bespokeness is what draws in tourists and locals alike, and when it comes to a beach destination you can't go wrong. The sand is a golden, relaxing color, the ocean a turquoise hue that seems unreal to be true, and a cool breeze taking the edge of a scorching sun, life is great, and we are blessed with more luxuries than we realize.

No matter where in the world you are, there is always a spot that welcomes you with open arms and will undoubtedly do its best to take the weight of the world off your shoulders, if even only for a moment. Let’s dive in and see some of the most idyllic beach destinations around the world for you to enjoy their well-deserved sandy serenity.


We love this destination because it offers the beauty of nature without having to break the bank. Cuba is a great spot for a more budget-friendly vacation without compromising on having a great time. With clear waters and white sands, it is a top location for snorkeling when you want to cool off and take a moment away from the sun. Head to a bar afterward for fruity cocktails, to watch the sunset, and listen to vibrant music all over the island.


They say Mauritius is a collaboration of the top holiday spots in all of the Indian Ocean with everything you could wish for from adventures to exotic photographic opportunities to embracing the expanse of open white sands to stroll along on for hours. You could get lost in the endless beauty, and why not? Carry your trusty black flip-flops in hand and sink into the silky sand with each step enveloping you in relaxation.


If Paella and Sangria were all you thought Spain symbolized then think again. This is a Mediterranean hub not to miss. The beaches have a vibrant energy humming from the locals enjoying the sun. Choose your spot on the pristine sands early on as it can get cozy, and enjoy being surrounded by laughter, music no doubt, and vendors walking around selling much-needed chilled beverages throughout the day.

A beach in Spain


The emerald coast with its laid-back charm is why Sardinia is on the list of top tranquil spots to make the most of. Beach lovers will revel in the beauty that is the coast with endless shorelines of white sands and blue waters. A straw hat, and a flowy linen sundress, and the day is pure bliss.

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The diverse coastal islands of Thailand should be visited at least once in your lifetime. Not only will you get to explore exotic, only-seen-in-magazines swimming spots, but be immersed in the friendly culture through food and the welcome smiles of the Thai community.

Located in southern Thailand, Krabi is a great example. It's a captivating gateway to the Andaman Sea, boasting stunning limestone cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and pristine beaches that redefine tropical paradise. Indulge in the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant local life as you discover the enchanting allure of Krabi's unique charm.

A Beach in Thailand

Because you deserve it

Thinking we have time to go on holiday later is a mistake we make too often, putting it off each time till later, and suddenly you find yourself 5 years down the line with a non-ticked-off bucket list? Oh, dear. Life is meant to be enjoyed, an adventure, and finding your way to the best beaches is the way to do that. So grab your sunscreen, and your passport, and live your life to the fullest.

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