How to Make the Most of Airport Layovers

Airport layovers don’t usually seem like fun. You may have to take multiple flights to reach your destination, or perhaps you’ve chosen a non-direct route to save money. Delays or cancellations can also cause your layover. These were particularly common at UK airports in the first half of 2023. But a lengthy wait for a connection doesn’t have to be a boring and uncomfortable experience. Planning and positive thinking could make your stop more rewarding and memorable. 


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Here are five creative ideas for making the best of your next layover. 


Explore Your Layover Destination

The most exciting option is to step outside and explore the nearby area. It’s the best option when you have at least five hours to spare, and the airport is well-connected. Make sure you're aware of the visa requirements for the country where the layover city is located and consider the city's transportation options, so you can efficiently move between places.

Do some research so you can see the best sites without wasting time. Just try not to enjoy it too much and leave yourself short for your connecting flight. The last thing you want is an even longer layover!

If you prefer to let the experts do the planning, then opt for a layover tour from one of the many travel experience providers online.


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Stream the Latest Series

Alternatively, set up camp and catch up on the TV shows or films you’ve been missing on your travels. The Beckham documentary is an easy win for sports fans, while Silo is a gripping sci-fi drama that’ll make the time fly – even if you aren’t! 

Always beware of the dangers of using public Wi-Fi, though. Use a VPN when streaming your favourite content to maintain privacy and protect your data. 


Get Lost in a Book

Do you prefer to limit your screen time? Lose yourself in the pages of a good book instead. Sit in a quiet corner of a coffee shop and use noise-cancelling headphones to get fully immersed. Or, if you have access to an airport lounge, take advantage of the comfortable seating, quiet atmosphere, and amenities to enhance your reading experience.

Airport bookshops are usually well-stocked if you don’t have one with you. The Booker Prize lists are worth checking if you’re not a big reader and don’t know where to start. 


Pamper Yourself

Travelling is a privilege, but it can still take it out of you. Long days on the go and nights in unfamiliar beds can leave you tired and sore. You can revive yourself with a massage or manicure at many airports. A quick neck and back massage could be what your body needs before catching another flight. 

Airport Spa

Most airport massage salons offer a range of services, including chair massages, foot massages, neck and shoulder massages, and sometimes full-body massages. The duration of the massages may vary, and some salons provide express services for passengers with limited time. Make the most of it! 

Did you know that the Priority Pass program is the world's largest independent airport lounge access program with more than 1,400 lounges in over 600 cities acros 148 countries and allows you to access a variety of well-ebing packages at Be Relax Spas before your flight?

Check out all the benefits of the Priority Pass here.


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Catch Up on Life Admin

A layover is a great opportunity to tick off some admin if you’re struggling to relax with too many things on your mind.

Use your downtime to plan and make bookings for your next trip or check in with loved ones or colleagues. Or why not edit your photos and update your social media profiles?

How do you spend long layovers at the airport? Share your top tips and ideas below.

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