KEEN Women's Elsa Harvest Leather Sneaker | Review

KEEN is a family-owned footwear brand that specialises in creating shoes that are both comfortable and functional for various activities, including hiking, walking, and work. They are known for their durable designs and commitment to sustainability. I have a pair of their Terradora Waterproof Boots and they are still going strong after 6 years. Very well made, comfortable and durable!

KEEN launched the Detox the Planet initiative in 2012 to take proactive action to identify and remove harmful chemicals in its supply chain and replace them with safe and effective alternatives. As a part of that initiative, they have also been increasing the use of upcycled and recycled materials in their footwear. And continuing that vision, they recently launched their Harvest series – a capsule collection of sustainable sneakers for men and women.KEEN Women's Elsa Harvest Leather Sneaker

The Elsa Harvest Lea sneaker is designed to be both stylish and comfortable. It features a low-cut design with a natural canvas upper and a vulcanized construction for added durability. The shoe also has a removable, cushioned footbed for added comfort and support, and a non-marking rubber outsole for good traction.

Women's Elsa Harvest Leather Sneaker

Women's Elsa Harvest Leather Sneaker

Women's Elsa Harvest Leather Sneaker

But what sets the Elsa Harvest Lea apart is its use of sustainable materials. The shoe is made from a combination of recycled materials, including leather upper made from car seat scraps, to reduce waste and lessen the shoe's environmental impact. My first impression when I took the sneakers out of the box was how cool the patchwork design looked! It's a design that works well with everything from sporty clothes to casual ensembles. I loved the colour palette used as well.

Some of the key features of the KEEN Elsa Harvest Lea are:

  • Eco Anti-Odor: Eco Anti-Odor for natural, pesticide-free odour control.
  • KEEN.FUSION: An innovative construction that fuses the upper and sole together for a longer-lasting bond without the use of glues and solvents.
  • LUFTCELL: Solvent-free, air-injected innovation underfoot reduces polyurethane and provides a durable, super-comfortable ride.

I have never had any issues with KEEN's footwear sizing and this one is no different. The fit is perfect; comfy with no pinching or blisters. And the contoured footbed ensures incredible comfort.

As a buyer one would generally look for several key things in a sneaker including comfort, durability, style, performance, fit and the price. I think the Elsa Harvest Lea scores well on all fronts.

The sneaker feels good on the feet, looks good, provides good traction, support, & stability, fits well and based on my experience with KEEN footwear over the years I think this pair will also last over time. It is well-constructed.

Overall, I think the KEEN Elsa Harvest Lea sneaker is a stylish and sustainable choice for women who are looking for a comfortable and eco-friendly sneaker option.

It is available in three colours - Beige, Black, and the fab patchwork edition and you can check out the Harvest Sneaker collection at

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