Wahaca's New Winter Menu

Wahaca'a New Winter Menu

Whether you are looking for a fun spot for a date night or a place to celebrate a special occasion, Wahaca Stratford fits the bill perfectly. Located on the edge of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Wahaca Stratford with its vibrant interiors and fun ambience, offers delicious Mexican street food at an affordable price. They recently launched a brand new menu for the winter season and we headed to Stratford to sample some of the vegetarian/vegan dishes from the winter menu.

Wahaca Stratford


The new menu features sustainable dishes made with fresh and seasonal ingredients and all of them are lip-smackingly good!

'Wahacamole with tortilla chips' which is Wahaca's new and sustainable take on guacamole was excellent. Made by Wahaca’s co-founder Thomasina Miers, the dish is avocado-free and instead uses locally-grown organic British fava beans blended with fresh lime, coriander leaf and green chillies. It is then topped with crunchy sesame, pumpkin seeds and nuts. What an utterly moreish alternative it is to the traditional Guacamole! Perfect when paired with classic tortilla chips. We loved it.

Wahacamole with tortilla chips

For mushroom lovers, Wahaca have introduced a couple of mushroom dishes including the 'Allioli mushroom club quesadilla' which features a yummy blend of flat and chestnut mushrooms roasted with ancho chilli and garlic and served with melted cheese, lettuce & jalapeño mayo.

Allioli mushroom club quesadilla

Next we tried the 'Organic squash & crumbled feta tostadas' - a flat and crunchy tortilla topped with Riverford Organic squash, cashew nut mole, chilli oil and pomegranate seeds. Crunchy, fresh and flavoursome, this is another lovely addition to the menu.

Organic squash & crumbled feta tostadas

Organic squash & crumbled feta tostadas

Another dish from the new menu is the 'Chargrilled tenderstem broccoli'. The delicate flavour of Tenderstem broccoli complemented the zingy citrus dressing and with a topping of toasted nuts and seeds, this made for a great side. With lovely textures and great flavours, this dish is sure to be a hit with even the reluctant broccoli-eaters.

Chargrilled tenderstem broccoli

Other vegetarian/vegan dishes from the new menu include 'Ancho mushroom tacos' with jalapeño mayo, beetroot crisps & dressed slaw and 'Ancho mushroom enchiladas' with melted cheese, green rice & beans.

We also ordered the 'Sweet potato bravas'. While not a part of the new menu, this dish is one of our all-time favourites from Wahaca. Deliciously crispy sweet potatoes are served with jalepeño allioli & smoky, delicious hibiscus dip. Difficult to resist this is the ultimate comfort food. I could have eaten a giant bowl of these sweet potato bravas!

Sweet potato bravas

Complementing the food were a couple of refreshing lagers along with two new cocktails from Wahaca’s Twisted Classics cocktails menu. Bhavin enjoyed 'Old Fashioned', Wahaca’s Mexican twist on a classic, with aged añejo tequila, a twist of orange & dark chocolate shard. I opted for their 'House G&T', a Portobello Road gin served in a goblet with fresh grapefruit, lemon & lime. Both the cocktails were great.

To round up our meal, we ordered a Banoffee empanada to share. Filled with caramelised plantain & a touch of rum and served with coconut oat crumble & vanilla ice cream, this empanada is a great combination of soft and crunchy, hot and cold and was the perfect way to finish our meal. You can't go wrong with this.

Banoffee empanada

Overall, we had a great time at Wahaca Stratford. The food and drinks were fab, the atmosphere was buzzing and lively and the staff cheerful & friendly – couldn’t have asked for more.

And here's me being goofy with Wahaca's Day of the Dead mask. We had visited Wahaca in the last week of October when they were celebrating Mexico’s most popular annual fiestas, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), when friends and family gather to cherish and remember the dearly-departed.

Day of the Dead at Wahaca

If you are looking to sample Mexican fare that is not only delicious but also created with sustainability in mind, then head to your nearest Wahaca and try out their new menu.

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