UK honeymoon destinations with a touch of luxury

Of the many things that the coronavirus pandemic has affected, weddings and the celebrations around them have to be up there for the most heavily impacted. The restrictions on attendee numbers, social distancing regulations, location closures and general economic turmoil have all collided to create some really tough decisions for couples scheduled to tie the knot through the year.

The same goes for honeymoons, with popular exotic destinations ruled off limits as each corner of the world goes through its own version of a lockdown. Still, with a sense of good old-fashioned stiff upper lip, many to-be-wed British couples have pushed on with their plans and created unique memories from smaller wedding services and taken on a more local honeymoon in the form of a UK getaway.

UK Honeymoon Destinations

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If you’re planning to join them, the UK has countless incredible destinations that will serve you just as well as your original plans - and could help you out on the money front whilst you plan your finances for more essential life items ahead. We’ve taken just a few locations and hotels worth talking about as examples of places sure to make your first holiday as newlyweds as magical as you’d always hoped.

The Cotswolds

The picture-postcard rolling hills of the Cotswolds are made for honeymooners looking for luxury and glam amid the British countryside. One of Britain’s more popular holiday destinations also doubles up as an ideal honeymoon retreat, with regal stately residences like Dormy House and Barnsley House offering up gastronomical delights alongside Downton Abbey-esque beauty.

For something a little different from the Cotswolds norm, try the hybrid wilderness boutique Soho Farmhouse sat upon the man-made lakes of Chipping Norton.

The Lake District

A fresh air junkie and rambler’s haven, the Lake District serves up picturesque views at every turn, none more so than at the summits of the many craggy peaks scatted around the area. Alongside the wonderful area of places to stay, see the likes of the Gilpin Hotel and the Drunken Duck Inn, you’ll also find a surprisingly high-end food scene that includes a handful of Michelin-starred restaurants.

The Lake District

What’s more, the beauty of the Lake District is safeguarded against the perils of British holidaying by virtue of looking just as nice in the pouring rain as it does in beaming sunshine.

Devon & Cornwall

A great choice for the mini-mooners looking to tide themselves over with a short but sweetly romantic getaway before a longer trip abroad at a future date, the south-west tip of England holds two coastal beauties in the form of Devon and Cornwall.

With endless beaches and coastline to explore, a number of historical buildings to visit, wine tasting in vineyards, horse riding across the moors and stargazing, there are a number of romantic things to do in Devon. Likewise, Cornwall has its fair share of exotic gardens and ancient houses (one of our favourites is St Michael's Mount), beautiful castles (like Tintagel Castle), charming fishing villages and miles of stunning coastline.

St Ives Cornwall

Notable spots to stay include Exmouth’s Lympstone Manor and The Scarlet in Mawgan Porth. A trip down to the foot of the British Isles is all about coastal walks, discovering hidden beach treasures and delving into a food scene brimming with locally sourced fresh produce.


It feels a little harsh to bunch so much highland beauty and touristy loveliness into a rather ungainly header of "Scotland", however we can’t have you reading all day, so we offer you three locations of note.

First, the remarkably compact delights of Edinburgh are a universal favourite that offer a sure-fire hit city break option. The Witchery by the Castle might stretch your pockets a little but offers up an unforgettable gothic getaway.

Second, the north westerly Isle of Skye offers up more coastal treasures, namely the incredible scenery of its white coral beaches and waterfall walks. Stay at Kinloch Lodge Hotel for the ultimate in post hike relaxation.

Third, the Highlands themselves, offering idealistic mountain landscapes mirrored by the still waters of the lochs below will have you questioning the true meaning of life. For fans of keeping active, the naturally lends itself to a variety of water-based activities such as sea kayaking and whale spotting. Try Inverlochy Castle Hotel for a true luxury retreat, a location that received the royal seal of approval from none other than Queen Victoria herself.

Loch Linnhe in the Scottish Highlands

While the changes enforced by the pandemic have understandably caused more than their share of commotion and disappointment amid engaged couples, the situation has presented couples a chance to create wedding experiences that still fulfil their wishes, while any delays may have offered time to take stock of the joint finances.

Where honeymoons are concerned, newlyweds have had a chance to discover the beauty sat in front of them on domestic shores. With options available like those mentioned above, one can hope that no romance or magic will be lost along the way.

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