Visiting Eindhoven | A 2-day itinerary

Eindhoven may not be as popular as other cities in the Netherlands like Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting! There is more to the country than Amsterdam - something many tourists seem to forget. Eindhoven is a vibrant, lively and creative city. Being the design capital of the Netherlands, home to both the Dutch Design Week and Philips, Eindhoven is worth your time. And let’s not forget it’s a LOT cheaper compared to Amsterdam or Rotterdam!

Eindhoven Train Station

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How to get to Eindhoven

As the Netherlands is a pretty small country, getting from city to city is very easy and won’t take too long. If you arrive in Amsterdam, it will take you approximately 1.5 hours to get to the city centre of Eindhoven. But even if you want to visit Eindhoven from another city in the Netherlands, it will usually not take you much longer than 1-2 hours.

Alternatively, you can start your journey through the Netherlands in Eindhoven. Eindhoven has its own international airport, which is actually the second biggest in the country. Many budget airlines fly there including Ryanair who operate a direct flight from London to Eindhoven, and it’s usually even cheaper to fly to Eindhoven compared to flying to Amsterdam. From Eindhoven Airport, you can take a bus that will take you to the city centre/train station.

Where to stay in Eindhoven

If you’re on a budget, I’d highly recommend checking out the Student Hotel. Despite the name, it’s not only for students. But they offer affordable rooms that come with co-working spaces and a community area. It is located right outside the main train station, which sits right in the middle of the city - a perfect place to stay!

If you don’t mind spending a little extra, check out the NH Hotel. The very first 5* hotel in this province of the Netherlands. With stunning rooms, a great location and a sky bar - this is a perfect place to stay during your 2 days in Eindhoven.

Day 1: City Centre

When spending two days in Eindhoven, I recommend starting by exploring the city centre. Even though Eindhoven isn’t very big, there is a lot to see and do.

Start with your morning coffee

Start your day with a cup of coffee at Coffee Labs. Located just outside of the train station, this little coffee shop is not only incredibly aesthetically pleasing, it serves the best coffees in town. Get your daily dose of caffeine and you’re ready to start exploring Eindhoven.

CoffeeLab Eindhoven

Visit Piazza

Eindhoven has an amazing shopping district. Cross the street from Coffee Labs towards Piazza. Here, you can find some great shops to browse in. From the usual clothing shops to some that are unique to the Netherlands. I highly recommend checking out De Bijenkorf and having a wander through the Nieuwe Emmasingle. Here, you will find many independent shops with cute homeware.

Piazza Bijenkorf Eindhoven

Learn about Philips in the Philips Museum

Being home to Philips, Eindhoven has its own museum that goes through the history of the company and the impact it made on the world. At the end of the Nieuwe Emmasingle, you can find the Philips Museum. There are a number of permanent exhibitions, a guided tour and a Kids Factory, where children can learn more about technology and the basics of programming.

Philips Museum Eindhoven

Have noodles for lunch

Despite not being traditional Dutch food, Eindhoven has one of the best ramen places I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to Japan!). XU Noodles is a family-owned ramen shop in Eindhoven, serving affordable (most dishes are under 10 euros) and incredibly tasty dishes. A perfect place to rest your feet, enjoy a hot lunch and get ready for your afternoon.

XU Noodle Eindhoven

Pay your respects at the Saint Catherine’s Church

One of the prime pieces of architecture in the city is the beautiful neo-gothic Catherine’s Church. In the middle of a busy city, this church acts as a little oasis of peace and quiet. I highly recommend taking a look inside, the building is beautiful. During the yearly GLOW event (Eindhoven’s very own light art festival), the church is always lit up beautifully.

Eindhoven Church

Soak up some art in the Van Abbe Museum

On the edge of the city centre, you can find the Van Abbe Museum. This contemporary art museum, established in 1936, has many great exhibitions that change regularly. It is actually the very first public museum for contemporary art in Europe!

Dine at Gourmet Market

Inspired by the LA downtown gourmet market, Eindhoven opened its very own indoor food market in 2017. More than 20 independent eateries host their restaurants indoors. You can order at the stalls and eat your dishes on one of the many tables. This means that you can literally order different dishes from different stalls! Making it a perfect place to eat with your travel companions (especially if you want to try Dutch cuisine, but your friend would rather have some Vietnamese).

Gourmet Market Eindhoven Netherlands

Day 2: Strijp-S

During your second day in Eindhoven, I recommend visiting Strijp-S. A short bus ride from the city center will get you there in no-time. The Strijp-S district used to be Philips’ factory and industrial park - you can definitely see the old factory buildings back in what is now a trendy and exciting meeting hub for creatives. It’s a place like no other.

Strijp S in Eindhoven

Shop until you drop

Strijp-S is the perfect place to shop if you aren’t a fan of the main chain shops. If you are looking for independent businesses, unique items and an even more unique shopping experience - this is the place for you. Strijp-S has a LOT of cool shops including Urban Shopper and Gusj Market.

Lunch at Soul Kitchen

Apart from being a great restaurant, Soul Kitchen also is the perfect place to hang with your friends. Pick up a board game or book from their selves and enjoy yourself. What I love about this restaurant is that it also trains people who dream to work in hospitality!

Stop for ice cream

Intelligentia Ice isn’t only incredibly Instagram-friendly (very cute decor), they also serve amazing ice cream and milkshakes. There are also tons of vegan options!

Watch an indie movie at NatLab

This independent cinema used to be the Phillips’ physics laboratory. Einstein actually gave a lecture here once! It now hosts a few, small cinema rooms that show anything from big blockbusters to budget documentaries.

Enjoy a cocktail with a view

Once you’re back in the city centre, head over to NH Hotel. If you are staying in a different hotel or hostel, don’t worry; we’re not here to sleep yet! Head towards the special elevator that takes you to VANE Sky Bar. On the 13th floor, you can find a restaurant and bar with one of the best views across the city. Even though this 5* hotel is pretty pricey, it’s definitely worth it for a view like that!

NH Hotel Skybar in Eindhoven

I hope that this 2 day Eindhoven itinerary (by Nele from The Navigatio) gives you a good idea of what an amazing city Eindhoven is! And that it’s more than worth spending a few days in.

2-day Eindhoven Itinerary

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