Things you can only do on a cruise holiday

With so many vibrant holiday destinations around the world, it can be difficult to choose just one. For
your next holiday, why not book a cruise so you can visit multiple places without any fuss! Sit back,
relax and enjoy the ocean views between destinations.

Things you can only do on a cruise holiday
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Jules Verne river cruise holidays offer a whole host of destinations with must-see scenery, history and of course, local delicacies!

Enjoy an itinerary which is organised for you

When you are on holiday, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about the logistics. Between
researching the must-see sites and organising accommodation, planning a holiday can become a
fulltime job – especially when you are visiting multiple places.

Before you set out on a cruise, make sure to research the itinerary and add anything you want to do
as well.

Completely relax knowing you’re not in charge of reaching your destination

Transport is difficult to organise – especially if you are travelling abroad. Lucky for you, the main bulk of your travel is already sorted with a cruise. Better yet, you can travel in style on a cruise with your own room, onboard entertainment and stunning views.

Say goodbye to overnight trains, long car journeys and flight delays! Travel the ocean in style instead.

Things you can only do on a cruise holiday

Enjoy knowing you can put your luggage in your compartment and it stays there until you leave

We all hate carrying luggage around airports, train stations and everywhere in between. On a cruise,
you can unpack your items into your room and quickly forget about your hefty suitcase.

Isn’t it nice to have all of your belongings hung up and laid out ready to use as well? Forget living out
of a backpack – cruise travel is luxury travel.

You can sit back and relax to enjoy onboard entertainment as part of the holiday

Cruises are known for their corny entertainment. Make sure to check out any events, activities and
themed nights before you set off so you don’t miss anything. It may be cheesy, but holidays are all
about having fun and trying something new.

If you are travelling with kids, you can also look into activities for little ones as well. They can make
friends and enjoy the cruising life.

You can break up your holiday by having both on-land and at sea experiences

You can stretch your legs with the on-land experiences as well. When you are sailing around the
world, it can be nice to return to land from time to time. Experience different cultures, languages and a whole host of must-see sites with European cruises.

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