Chambers_ by Gingerline | A multi-dimensional, immersive dining adventure

Love food and love adventure? Then Chambers_ is for you. Created by Gingerline, the founders and pioneers of London's immersive dining scene, Chambers_ is a multi-dimensional dining experience where guests are taken on a fabulous and interactive taste adventure in a 'secret' London location.

Chambers by Gingerline - A multi-dimensional immersive dining adventure
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Around two weeks back, Bhavin and I visited Chambers_ and had a fantastic time. The key theme of the Chambers_ experience is the secrecy and it works like a charm. We received a text message on the day of the experience with the location and arrival details and we made our way to the venue. And that was the beginning of our fun evening.

Gingerline love to keep the experience details a secret so as to retain the element of surprise for all their future diners and so I will not be revealing the specifics of the experience. But I will share some aspects of the dining experience to give you an idea of what to expect.

This was our first immersive dining experience and as such, we were not sure what surprises were in store for us. But from the Chambers_ website, we did gather that the experience would include five-course dining, a palate cleanser, a welcome drink and two hours of playful explorations through five dining dimensions.

Chambers_ sent us a text message on the day of our experience and we made our way to London. Alighting at one of London's stations and after a number of lefts and rights and even walking through a build site, we finally reached the 'secret' Gingerline location in London. The venue was identified by yellow and black markings on a door. And as we walked in, I could feel myself tingling with excitement.

Chambers - A multi-dimensional immersive dining adventure

The staff greeted us and offered us a welcome drink. We were then led to the bar area where other staff gave us a quick briefing on what to expect over the next few hours.

And then the fun began. We were all 'sworn to secrecy' and made our way to the first chamber. As described on Gingerline's website, it is a multi-dimensional dining format and we moved through different rooms & spaces during the experience. The chambers (sets) were incredible and imaginative, the characters we met in the different chambers were great and the food was flavourful and fun. We had let the team know (in advance) that we were vegetarians and they had catered to our dietary requirements.

Overall, it was a fabulous sensory adventure that has left us wanting for more. Like I mentioned earlier, this was our first immersive dining experience and I can say for sure that it won't be our last.

If you love food & surprises and are looking for something more than a standard restaurant experience, then Chambers_ is for you. It will take you on a whirlwind journey with flavoursome food and incredibly imaginative sets. I would recommend that you try it for yourself.

You can read more about Chambers_ and book your tickets at

* Our experience was gifted. But all views and opinions remain our own.

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