Fly Around the World with Your Pet with VistaPet

Pets are an important part of the family and travel can sometimes be an issue whether this is for work or pleasure. With pets becoming increasingly integrated into our lives, people no longer want to leave their pets at home and instead want to take them with them when they are travelling.

Fly Around the World with Your Pet with VistaPet
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The VistaPet Program

This has led VistaJet, the first and only global business aviation company and the best company for private jet hire, to develop a program for pet travel - aptly named VistaPet. VistaJet has taken action to accommodate pets on their flights as they saw a 104% increase in the number of animals flying in the last two years with 1 in 4 VistaJet members flying with their furry friends on a regular basis. Additionally, 75% of pet owners do not trust commercial airlines to take care of their pet which left a clear gap in the market.

Created with Experts

VistaPet aims to provide an efficient, comfortable and stress-free service for members and their pets. It has been designed in collaboration with experienced veterinarians, coaches, dieticians and groomers to ensure that there is expertise when it comes to how to safely and comfortably transport animals. This includes features like care kits, a balanced diet, sleep mats and travel advice.

Helpful Information

While there are no standard rules in place for transporting animals, VistaJet are able to provide expert advice based on their particular flights and destinations. This could include information on permits and certificates, microchips, vaccinations and general information. Additionally, VistaJet can also offer fear of flying courses for dogs which will de-sensitise pets to what they will experience on the flight (cabin air pressure, the sound of jet engines etc). Passengers are also provided with a travel bag that enables them to look after the pet during the flight - this would include items like pet food, soothing wipes, toys and more.

Help Beyond Flights

Of course, the travel experience does not stop once you touchdown and arriving in a new destination with your pet in tow can also be a stressful and daunting experience. The VistaPet program extends to arrival with selected pet-friendly facilities and partners around the globe. This means that it can be easy to find pet-friendly hotels, transportation, salons and even fun pet experiences like pet yoga no matter where you are travelling to.

The days of leaving your pet at home or putting them into a kennel when you are away are vanishing. The VistaPet scheme makes travel with your furry companions a simple and stress-free experience both for you and the pet so that you can enjoy trips around the world together. Pet travel with commercial airlines is nowhere near as good as it should be but this is not an issue with the VistaPet program which makes flying with pets as simple as possible.

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