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BeRightBack - Travel Subscription Service

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Most of you would have heard of Netflix and probably enjoyed watching hit shows and movies on the streaming platform. The company operates on a subscription-based model wherein users pay a monthly subscription fee and are given access to movies, shows and other content on Netflix. The quality and variety of content on offer are excellent and subscribers can watch programs at their own convenience. Now, imagine a similar model in the travel business - a company that offers three trips per year (3 days/2 nights) with flights and hotel included for £49.99 per month! Sounds fabulous, isn't it? That's BeRightBack for you.

BeRightBack (BRB)

BeRightBack is the world’s first subscription travel service and their concept is simple. Take up their subscription package and you can travel 3 times per year from £49.99 per month including flights and hotel (that works out to less than £200 per person per trip). Let's take a closer look at the service and what it actually entails.

How does BRB work?

BeRightBack Surprise Holidays
Once you have signed up for the subscription service, the first task would be to build your BRB profile. In addition to basic information that would be needed to book flights and hotels, you also need to tell BRB about your travel preferences:

  • places you wish to travel to. This is the time to let BRB know of your bucket list. Maybe you have always wanted to visit Switzerland or Germany's most vibrant city, Berlin. Let BRB know and they will keep these pointers in mind while planning your trip
  • places you do not want to travel to (probably because you have already been there)
  • your preferred departure airport (you need to select at least 3 places you can fly from) and
  • the kind of trip you are after (a beach vacation, or an action-packed adventure or a foodie tour).

You can even invite your friends to join you by adding them to your booking on Go Together. They can either pay a one-off fee for the trip or become subscribers.

Once you have completed your profile, sit back and relax. BRB will do the rest. Their expert team will take the information you have provided and plan your trip.

A month before your trip, BRB will send you all the details - your destination, where you would be staying etc.

And then all that remains is for you to go on your trip and enjoy your vacation! BRB will share a handy guide with useful information about your destination (what to see, what to do, how to get around etc.).

BRB's trips are not tour packages. They can be termed as travel experiences where your flights and accommodation are sorted and you are free to explore and do exactly as you wish on your holiday.

Where will BRB take you?

At the time of writing this post, BRB have 50+ destinations in Europe for their subscribers to choose from - Vienna, Dubrovnik, Marseille, Hamburg, Munich, Florence, Lake Como, Naples, Rome, Turin, Riga, Venice, Luxembourg City, Oslo, Krakow, Lisbon, Barcelona and Girona to name a few.

BRB will pick a minimum 3* hotel in city centre locations in the destination you will be visiting.

BRB Holidays to Europe

Note: Airport transfers to/from your accommodation will have to be taken care of by you.

Who is BRB for?

So, you love travelling but planning getaways is not your forte or you are simply too busy to find the perfect hotel or the best flight deals, then BRB is for you. They will take all the hassle out of finding a great holiday deal and also save you money. A very good option for those who enjoy surprises and love discovering new places.

BRB Pricing

BRB currently have two packages:

'Go Solo' for solo travellers and 'Go Together' for couples or friends. Both offer:

- Return flights
- 3* + accommodation (3 days / 2 nights)
- ability to choose your dates
- get your money back on unused trips
- ATOL protected package

Go Solo is priced at £49.99/month (3 trips per year, works out at £199 per trip) while Go Together is priced at £89.99/month (3 trips per year, works out at £180pp per trip).

Currently, BRB is only available for subscribers making return journeys to and from the UK. But they do have plans to offer their services in other regions in the near future.

If you are open to being surprised and love travelling to new places, then BRB's subscription-based travel service could be just the service for you. Check them out at

Discount Code

Use the code, AFFBRB-5 to get 5% off of a 12-month BRB subscription.
The discount code is valid from August 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019.


  1. Can I book from the Netherlands?

    1. BRB currently offer their services for subscribers making return journeys to and from the UK. But like I have mentioned in the post, they do have plans to expand. Maybe if you follow them on social, you can keep track of the latest developments at their end.

  2. Sounds brill - something I'd certainly think about in the future

  3. Probably not for me as ties with kids school holidays.

  4. I think it's a great idea! When my son is older I would be interested as I love to travel and would like to take him too.

    1. Yes, a great idea moreso if you love travel and surprises!

  5. It's something I would have to consider and talk to my husband about.

  6. I can't travel abroad so it wouldn't be practical for me

  7. I like the idea of this but not sure it's something I would subscribe too. It's a lot of money per month and I like to plan my own trips. I can see where it would be useful for some people though.

    1. Yes, if you like to plan things yourself, this might not be for you. But for those who love surprises and travel, this works well.

  8. I like the concept of this but I would do it at a later date. It is something to think about for sure though.

  9. I am not sure if I would use this just because my health often prevents me from having regular holidays.

  10. I dont think at this time we would go for it, simply because we dont travel abroad regular, so not for me, but if circumstances should change then it is something i would consider

  11. Something I would consider if I had that much spare each month!

  12. Not for me as we only travel in the UK and Ireland currently.

  13. Not for me, do not go abroad very often from choice

  14. Not for me I'm afraid as I am not travelling abroad now.

  15. I wouldn't to be honest. Now we have a dog we stay in the UK

  16. I might consider in the near future but at the minute we've been holidaying in the Uk xx

  17. Could be interested......what's the catch?

  18. It's a fantastic idea, but I personally don't travel abroad


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