Could You Buy Travel Insurance at the Airport?

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Everything’s packed and you’re very much ready to go on your holiday trip destination but the only problem is that you forgot to buy travel insurance to have you covered during your adventure escapade. Can you still buy travel insurance last minute at the airport? This might be a surprise but, yes, you can still avail the coverage. You can still buy an already abroad travel insurance.

It’s true that when you are already abroad, finding good travel insurance can be difficult as they are not easy to find. Whether you have already travelled, your policy has already expired, or you have forgotten to buy travel insurance before you leave, you can still get an already abroad travel insurance. This type of travel insurance is subject to the duration or total period outside of your own country of residence. But the travel should not exceed 18 months. No claims are granted in case any untoward incidents happened prior to buying the travel insurance.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

With the help of the internet, buying travel insurance is possible as there are a number of strategically placed vending machines that sell travel insurance placed in the airport. Your only problem is which one to buy that will best suit your needs. In addition to that, most already abroad travel insurance has an anti-fraud measure. This means that you can’t claim for anything for 2 days after he has taken out the already abroad policy. The only exception to the 2-day rule is if the customer has a serious medical emergency such as he’s injured in an accident that was witnessed as well as verified independently. Then the client is covered from the date of purchase.

Benefits of Already Abroad Travel Insurance

It is much better to buy travel insurance even at the last minute before you go to your particular destination. This will spare you from exposure in a foreign place without having any financial security. Just like the other types of travel insurance, purchasing an already abroad travel insurance can also be very beneficial to you in a lot of ways such as:
  • 24-hour emergency assistance, no hidden costs, and low excess levels
  • It takes just a very few minutes to process
  • It covers over 60 adventure activities for FREE

Many travel insurance companies require that you purchase a certain plan within a specific number of days after the initial trip deposit. But buying travel insurance at the airport is also made available because there are really some instances that customers have forgotten to do such things. While some might have realized the benefits of travel insurance the last minute before they go onboard or when they are already abroad.

An already abroad travel insurance can be very helpful when an unexpected happens during your trip. It does not only give you peace of mind that you’ll be covered whatever happens but it also gives you financial security.

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