Fjällräven Women's Greenland Wind Jacket Review

Fjällräven Greenland Wind Jacket

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Who doesn't love being in the outdoors! As a popular travel quote states - 'I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together' - spending time outdoors is a really powerful way to de-stress.

And with the right gear, it is, even more, easier to have a good time outside. The Greenland Wind Jacket from Fjällräven is a versatile wind jacket that is packed full of features designed to protect you from the cold winds while also ensuring maximum comfort.

Before I talk about the jacket, let me give you some background on Fjällräven. Fjällräven is a Swedish outdoor clothing and equipment company who are committed to making nature more accessible. Keeping in line with the Swedish style sensibilities, they focus on simplicity and practicality, developing functional, durable and timeless outdoor gear. They are a brand whose core mission has always been to inspire more people to spend time in nature. Fjällräven believes in respecting the environment and also that their future as a brand and the future of nature are intrinsically connected.

The Fjallraven Greenland Wind Jacket

It was in 1968 that the first Fjällräven Greenland jacket was released. Over the last half a century, the Greenland Jacket has been one of Fjällräven’s signature garments. And it remains as popular even today. This is the first offering from Fjällräven that I have put to use and I am very impressed. This jacket is the lightest jacket (just 370 g) in the Greenland family and is made from wind-resistant and water-repellent recycled polyamide with PFC-free impregnation.

At 370g, the jacket is lightweight & packs down into a small size, making it ideal for travels.

The Greenland jacket looks and feels good and is comfortable to wear. Extremely lightweight but packed with a lot of useful features. I guess that is the way Fjällräven make their products - simple and functional. The wind jacket has an ergonomic and comfortable shape that is true to size. It has an adjustable, well-fitting hood, a two-way zipper, slanted hand pockets, and elasticated, adjustable cuffs among its functional features.

Fjällräven Greenland Wind Jacket

If you are hiking, climbing or exploring the outdoors you can produce sweat even in cold weather and for this the jacket underarm grommets for ventilation purposes.

Every single detail on the Greenland wind jacket has been well thought out and in addition to the peach pink colour (as seen in this post), the jacket is available in three other colours (black, dusk and fern).

While the aesthetics and style are an important factor, the performance of the garment is what matters the most. And on this front, the Fjällräven Greenland wind jacket scores very well. It is excellent at keeping out the elements. Despite its lightweight nature, it keeps the cold winds out and the water-repellent recycled polyamide material offers protection in moderate rain. The jacket does what it is intended to do very well.

Overall, it is a great wind jacket. It looks good, is well constructed and performs well. Having used the jacket over the last few weeks, I am really impressed. Yes, the RRP of £220 may seem high-priced but you have to keep in mind the high quality of the jacket which offers a better, longer-lasting experience.

A jacket that is light, versatile and perfect for outdoor life.

And finally, I love Fjällräven’s ethos of sustainability. As an outdoor company, they do their best to keep their environmental footprint as small as possible. They use sustainable materials, designs and production techniques to develop clothing that lasts for years and years.

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Fjällräven Greenland Wind Jacket

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Thank you to Fjällräven for sending the featured product for us to review. All opinions, as always, are solely our own.

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