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Since the fire incidents aboard Boeing cargo freighters carrying lithium batteries, the airline industry made a number of changes regarding the carriage of products containing lithium batteries. Restrictions were put both on cargo flights as well as carriage of lithium batteries in carry-on and checked luggage on passenger flights. The rules vary across various airlines. Emirates, for example, requires that batteries including lithium metal or lithium ion cells must be carried in carry-on baggage only. British Airways, on the other hand, allows batteries in the checked-in baggage as well as long as they are kept in the device. However, all airlines have a limit on the size (in watt-hours) of the lithium-ion batteries. At present batteries rated above '100 watt-hours (Wh)' are restricted. With prior approval from the airline, you may be allowed to carry them though.

GP Batteries TRAV O SAFE PowerBank

For travellers, one of the most important travel accessories these days is a power bank. Having portable power that is able to charge a number of devices at a fast speed helps travellers stay connected. All airlines consider power banks as spare batteries and have a limit on the watt-hours capacity of each power bank. And like all rules, these may vary from airline to airline. So, to make life easier for travellers, GP Batteries recently launched a lithium-free PowerBank - GP TRAV O SAFE; a power bank that is safe for travel.

According to GP Batteries

TRAV O SAFE PowerBank is powered by GP's ReCyko+ new generation Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and reduces the risks of an explosion as compared to the conventional portable lithium PowerBanks. The PowerBank is fully compliant with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and can be carried in your check-in or carry-on baggage. Its aluminum-coated cover protects the PowerBank against shocks and it can function properly under extreme weather conditions.

Technical Specifications

Battery Rating: NiMH 3.6V 3800mAh / 13.68Wh
Input: D.C. 5V / 1A
Output: D.C. 5V / 1.5A
Recharging: 5 hrs (approximate)
Size: 97(L) x 59.4(W) x 22.8(H) mm
Weight: 222g +/- 5g (approx.)

Key features

• Lithium Free* PowerBank, Powered by ReCyko+ Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, 3800mAh
• Safe for travel, fully complied with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, can be carried in your check-in or carry-on baggage
• Intelligent automatic power modulation switch for various input voltage tailor-made for traveling use
• LED indicator to show battery level

GP Batteries TRAV O SAFE PowerBank

GP Batteries TRAV O SAFE PowerBank

I have been using the TRAV O SAFE PowerBank and with its fast charging speed, the powerbank is perfect for any smartphone and/or the iPad. It is an excellent device for those who travel frequently and for those who like to pack light. With built-in safety protection, you need not worry about over discharging or short circuit either.  

Win a TRAV O SAFE PowerBank (2 winners)

GP Batteries are giving two lucky readers of The Globe Trotter the chance to win a TRAV O SAFE PowerBank each. It is a handy device for travellers. So, enter now. All the best!

GP Batteries TRAV O SAFE PowerBank

Win GP Batteries' TRAV O SAFE PowerBank

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