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If you travel frequently and carry your laptop/iPad with you then having a good carry case for your device is very important. As a general rule, it is good to have a case for storing your devices even while at home as accidents (accidental drops, smudges and drink spills) can happen anywhere.

We travel frequently and carry more than one tech device on most trips. Our iPad has accompanied us on all kinds of trips - plane journeys, hiking trips, boat holidays and travels in a rainy climate. To protect it we used a thin casing that shielded it from scratches and scars. The recent restrictions on what tech one can take on certain flights (in hand baggage) got us thinking about better protection for our tech devices and so when the opportunity arose to trial a Peli case, we took up the chance.

Peli has been protecting equipment for scientists, emergency services and travellers in the most extreme conditions on earth for over 40 years now. They have a range of cases that all offer crush resistance and watertight protection and meet the rigours of air travel. They have a wide range of models that protect laptops and tablets of different sizes. We put the i1065 iPad Case to test.

Review of Peli ProGear i1065 iPad Case

Some key features of the i1065 iPad case

- Automatic pressure equalisation valve
- Rubber ‘O-ring’ seal
- Scratch resistant
- Shock absorbing liner
- Dustproof and waterproof (watertight to 3.3ft for 30 minutes)
- 4 screen angle settings

We have been using the Peli case for more than a month now and it's a good product for the money. The build quality is great and our iPad Air fits perfectly in the case. When the case is closed, there is no rattling when you shake it - so it is a good, snug fit. We have used this case while on boat trips and found that water sprays and light rain pose no danger to the device when it is inside the case. Looking at the build quality, I feel the case will protect the iPad from small falls or drops.

Review of Peli ProGear i1065 iPad Case

Peli ProGear i1065 iPad Case Review

Peli ProGear i1065 iPad Case Review

Peli ProGear i1065 iPad Case Review

Though the case is not lightweight like our previous one, I am ready to carry the additional weight for the level of protection the case offers. This hard case from Peli is ideal for travelling or hiking in rainy weather, camping, commuting by bike or those times when you need to place your device in the hold luggage.

The i1065 iPad Case retails at £53.58 and can be ordered online from

Peli ProGear i1065 iPad Case Review
We were sent the Peli case in exchange for a review. All views, as always, are our own.

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