36 Amazing Road Trips in Great Britain with Lonely Planet

Road trips are a lot of fun. And with its beautiful countryside, mountains, the sea and a large number of stately homes and castles scattered all over the country, Great Britain offers a number of scenic routes to explore and discover all the elements that make the UK truly beautiful. Great Britain's Best Trips from Lonely Planet focuses on 36 such amazing road trips across the UK.

36 Amazing Road Trips in Great Britain with Lonely Planet

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The book is divided into 3 easy-to-use sections and provides road trip itineraries for different regions like Central England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Southwest England etc. There is also a section called Classic Trips that list out the 10 best road trips that allow you to see the best of the iconic sights across the country. My favourite was the 21 days Britain's Wild Side trip that starts in New Forest and ends in Isle of Skye covering a total of 1435 miles passing through Britain's beautiful national parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This is an excellent route to explore the countryside and one that we are keen to do sometime in the near future.

Another interesting trip is called Magic, Royalty and Dons. It is a 5-6 days trip starting at Windsor and moving on to the very attractive Henley-on-Thames, followed by the world's most famous university city, Oxford and then to Blenheim Palace - one of Britain's greatest stately homes. The trip ends at the delightful town of Woodstock. We have done parts of this road trip and having had first-hand experience, found the information listed in the book reliable.

All the itineraries in the book are grouped together by region. Each itinerary lists out the trip highlights, the best time to go, locations of photo opportunities and the number of days needed to cover the trip. Key locations along the route are described with some photographs, so you get an idea of what to expect and what to do in each location. The book has been organised well and the inclusion of photographs and relevant maps makes it easy to visualise and understand. There is small section at the end of each itinerary listing out suggestions for accommodations and restaurants. While the list is not comprehensive, it can be used as a starting point or reference while making your road trip plans.

Lonely Planet have also included a small section on driving in Great Britain. This is particularly useful if you are visiting Britain and are not used to driving in this country. The section has information on how to hire a car, bringing your non-GB car into the country, documents and insurance needed, road rules, parking systems and some other driving tips.

36 Amazing Road Trips in Great Britain with Lonely Planet

The book is informative and well presented. We plan to try out some of the Southern and Eastern England road trips this Summer. I liked the inclusion of the pull-out map in the book and the fact that the book is small enough to carry along on our travels. It will definitely come in handy if one plans to go on a road trip in the UK as you will have all the essential information at your fingertips.

Great Britain's Best Trips can be purchased online from here

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