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The other day I was chatting with some friends about the weather in the UK and our travel plans for 2015 when one of them asked me - Where do you want to be right now? Pat came my reply - Spain. It was roughly 2°C in England at that time, while it was a pleasant and sunny 20°C in Barcelona. I would have given anything to be in Spain at that moment. However, the climate is not the only reason why I love Spain. There are many more reasons. I love Spain because of Gaudi and his stunning works. I also love Spain because of the endless golden beaches, the beautiful villages, flamenco, the Spanish churches and cathedrals, the culture and the Spanish siesta time!

Have you been to Spain? If not, let me tell you a little about this lovely country based on my travel experiences. We had travelled to Spain a couple of years back. Our base had been Lloret de Mar and from there we had visited Barcelona, Blanes, Tossa de Mar and Montserrat. Montserrat was stunning. The pink-hued mountains are home to the Benedictine abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat and are visited by thousands of tourists every year. The path to the top of the mountain has a lot of hairpin bends and curves and travelling on that road was an experience in its own right. The monastery complex is large and the best and only way to get around is by foot. If you are adventurous, you can hike to the top of the peak which is approximately a 300m climb. There is a funicular service which goes almost all the way up though. The views are amazing and if you love hiking, you will love this place.

Santa Maria de Montserrat

Lloret de Mar, which was our base, is a coastal town in Catalonia and one of the most visited and popular resort towns on the Costa Brava. It has a lot of sites of cultural interest; some of them being the Castle of Sant Joan, the Modernist cemetery, a monument to the Fisherman’s Wife and the Church of Sant Romà. There are many stunning beaches and coves as well. The Lloret main beach was just 10 minutes walk from our hotel and we used to head out there many times each day. We stayed for around ten days in Lloret de Mar and enjoyed every bit of it. Lloret is also known for its nightlife. So, if that is of interest to you, then Lloret is an excellent option.

Travelling in Spain

Barcelona needs no introduction. Spain's 2nd largest city, it is full of museums and churches, restaurants and shops. Gaudi's architecture is a key attraction. You can buy a guidebook and walk the Modernisme Route. As you follow the route you will come across some very impressive residences, a huge hospital, shops and even lampposts - all of which show the strong roots of Art Nouveau in Barcelona. And of course, you can never miss the star landmark of the city - the La Sagrada Familia. Although it is still incomplete, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a marvel.

When we last visited Spain, it was a package tour and while we did enjoy a lot, we had also decided that we would come back to Spain and travel around on our own. We are hoping to visit Spain again this year and rather than stay in a hotel, we are looking at campsites. And while looking for camping options in Costa Brava, I came upon Yelloh! Village, which is a network of camping villages. They have around 65 campsites spread across France, Portugal and Spain. And they have one campsite in Costa Brava as well - Mas Sant Josep.

Mas Sant Josep is located right in the heart of the Costa Brava (Girona), within easy reach of Lloret de Mar. It has fully-equipped mobile homes, cottages and chalets each accommodating 2 to 6 people. The camping site has lots of facilities on the premises including cash machine, postal service, restaurant, bike hire, laundrette, bar, bakery, supermarket and even hairdressers. Apart from the location and facilities listed earlier, what has drawn my attention is the fact that they have three pools - one for kids, one for those wishing to relax and a third for keen swimmers. The campsite also has Jacuzzi, spa chairs, massage waterfall and water jets! The campsite organises aqua-aerobics classes too. Just the kind of place I would like to stay in.

The beach is not very far from the campsite (around 6 km) and a mountain biking trail in the area passes right in front of the campground. There is an Equestrian centre and a Golf course - both less than 2 km away. I can see myself and hubby hiring bikes from the campsite and heading out, exploring the surroundings on our own. The campsite has so much to offer that I feel there will be something to suit everyone's taste!

So, what do you think? Would you enjoy a camping holiday? Quality accommodation in beautifully landscaped settings with organised activities and a whole lot of services. I think I will enjoy it a lot. Now that I have zeroed-in on the accommodation, all that I need to do is convince the husband to book his holiday dates at the earliest. Spain, here we come.

Post in partnership with Yelloh Village

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