The Roman Baths

The top tourist attraction in Bath, the Roman Bath complex is a well preserved public bathing site. Tourists head to this city solely to see the Roman Baths, after all there is so much history attached to it. Both the bath and the museum are well maintained and presented.

There are two viewing levels: the top level which gives you wonderful views of the baths and the Bath Abbey nearby. The lower level is perfect to get up close with the bath. You can sit down, relax and listen to the audio guide which is provided along with your entrance ticket. From all the audio tours that we have done at various attractions in the UK and elsewhere, the Roman Bath audio tour was the easiest to listen to and very succinct. These guides provide comprehensive commentary and help you to understand the attraction better.

On the top level (the terrace) you will notice statues of Roman Governors of Britain, Roman Emperors and some military leaders as well. These statues date back to the late 1890s. The view from the terrace is lovely but what you see from here is much less than the actual site as the baths extend under the current ground level up to the adjacent streets. From the lower level, you are up close with the centerpiece - the pool.  The pool was fed with hot water from the Sacred Spring. What we see today is a small fountain with a large flat slab of stone across which the hot water flows into the bath.

Costumed characters interact with tourists and help them understand and appreciate the time in Roman times. Recently the Roman Baths were honoured in UK’s top 10 museums category at the Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice® Attractions awards. Coming in at the fourth place, the Roman Baths are indeed not to be missed while in Bath.

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