Camel Ride in Egypt

A trip to Egypt is incomplete without a camel ride in the desert. Camel rides are available at almost all tourist destinations in Egypt: whether its near the famed Pyramids in Giza, in Luxor, in Aswan, near the beach in Hurghada or in Bedouin villages. Most camels are well maintained, well treated and kept clean by their owners as this is their main source of income. Camels are an integral part of the desert landscape and an excellent albeit uncomfortable way to explore the terrain for longer durations. its best advised to opt for shorter camel rides, so that you are not too tired at the end of it.

In my personal experience the best camel ride is not at any tourist location but in the desert. If you happen to go on a desert safari, then your package will include a short camel ride. There are also camel rides that last up to a few hours or even days.

Normally if you are on a day package and depending on the size of the group, you may get an hour's camel ride in the Bedouin village followed by a traditional Bedouin lunch. Camels are gentle and intelligent creatures; a little odorous at times ;-) But overall they are quite docile and its totally safe to ride them provided you follow the instructions of the camel handlers. Just don't get too close to the camel or try to pet it, as you may end up with camel phlegm on your face.

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