Sand in a bottle - Egyptian Sand Art

On our visit to the Bedouin village, we got a chance to watch an experienced sand artist at work. These artists create beautiful pieces of art by filling glass bottles with coloured sand. The amazing part is how the sand takes shape into amazing pieces of art. It could be something as simple as your name or as complex as desert landscapes with camels. However, for the artist its a piece of cake. You just tell them what you want and they will have it ready in minutes. It was amazing watching the artist at work. He filled up different coloured sand in the bottle and gave it shape with a slender stick, packed the bottle tightly with sand and then sealed it off with glue. He said that there is no risk of shaking and you can carry it in your luggage without any worries.

This is one of the most common souvenirs that tourists take back home. Not just at the Bedouin village, but in all tourist destinations in Egypt, you will find street sellers with their small stalls working away at creating different designs. We saw these street artists near the Giza pyramids and Sphinx and lots of them in Cairo and Hurghada as well.

It is not just a glass bottle with sand, but it is like a piece of Egyptian culture and history - one of the most common street art in Egypt.

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