Chinese New Year 2013 Celebrations in London

London celebrates all festivals with a lot of gaiety and fervour. Come Febraury and it will be the Chinese New Year 2013 - The Year of the Snake. Celebrations have been planned in London, commencing with a parade from Trafalgar Square to Chinatown.

If you haven't attended the Chinese New Year celebrations earlier, then make it a point to visit this year because its all about action, culture, music and lots of fun.

The famous lion dance is a major attraction of the celebrations. The gravity defying stunts performed by the dancers dressed as lions is amazing.

There will be over 100 performers, musicians and acrobats to keep you entertained. Add to this the thousands of visitors who will converge in Central London to enjoy it all. It will be one big party. To cap it all, there will be a Fireworks display in the evening. So, be there to enjoy it all.

What: Chinese New Year 2013 Celebrations
When: Sunday 10th February 2013
Where: Trafalgar Square, West End, Chinatown (Central London)

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