Llandudno - The Great Orme Cable Cars

A visit to Llandudno is incomplete I feel, without a ride on the cable car to the Great Orme. The magnificient views that unfold as you travel on the cable car from its starting point at Happy Valley gardens to the Great Orme at 679ft are not to be missed.

The cable car ride is over one mile long each way and is the longest aerial cabin lift in UK at the moment. The journey begins at the starting point car station which is near the slopes of the Happy Valley gardens. The cars are four seaters and are comfortable for a family of four.

As soon as the journey begins and you look down, you see the well-manicured Happy Valley gardens and the Great Orme overlooking the sea.

As you progress up you can see the Llandudno Ski and Snowboard Centre with its "Perma Snow" surface.

Higher up we see the Tyn-y-Coed village and the views of the Llandudno bay are amazing.

As we near the summit we can see the Penmynydd Uchaf - one of the Great Orme Farms. What an amazing place to stay.

The entire journey to the summit is an amazing experience. Beautiful views wherever you look. The journey ends at the car station just behind the Summit Complex.

At the summit, there is a lot to be seen. More about it in the next post.

You can contact the Cable Car office at the following address

Llandudno Cable Car
Happy Valley Garden
Great Orme

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