London – Avoiding the Olympic storm

As one of the most popular and famous capital cities in the world, London is already host to almost 30 million visitors every year. The summer visitor hike is enough to put you off a visit even in a normal year, but 2012 is determined to make it even harder for you to visit this fantastic city during the great British summer time.

Since the city won the right to host the Olympic games all the way back in 2005, the hype surrounding the event has not stopped growing. This has led to a dramatic increase in the prices of hotels and different accommodation around summer time in London. This might have made you think the English capital is a no-go this year, however don’t let it make you miss some of the most popular and amazing sights the world has to offer. There is always another option, especially if you want to see somewhere hard enough.

New accommodation websites, such as Wimdu, have made the work around even easier. You can rent privately owned accommodation through the hosts themselves, who set their own rates, meaning you can save money, especially if you rent a whole apartment as a group. The main selling point of this type of accommodation is that you get to stay somewhere unique and live as a local would, experiencing parts of the city you might have otherwise missed.

A great way to travel on any occasion, but it can come in very useful when you want to avoid all the extra hustle and bustle that is guaranteed this summer. Of course, the most famous sights of the city are definitely worth a visit, however, they will always be busy, Big Ben is never without its eager tourists trying to get a shot of the iconic landmark. We all know, however, that the famous sights are not what make a city special. You need to get under the skin to really experience the magic.

Try the 606 club, located in Chelsea, it is well known for hosting some of Britain’s best musicians and is often a great place to find a new musical gem. If Portobello market in Notting Hill is too busy for you, look up the Sunday upmarket which is an 11-acre collection of market stalls, shops and restaurants based in an old brewery. You are bound to find some great unique items often sold by the designers themselves, as well as vintage clothing and a wide variety of interesting cuisine. This is where staying in private local accommodation benefits even more. The local hosts are always on hand to offer their advice on the best places to go and see, and making the most of their tips and hints is what can really make your stay special.

So why not stay in a unique London apartment this summer, or any time of the year for that matter, it is a great way to experience a city thoroughly

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