Wildlife (bird watching) in Valentines Park, Redbridge

Valentines Park in Redbridge is a heaven for bird watchers. It has a large bird population and not many people are aware of this. According to a bird watching group around 159 species of birds were recorded in the Redbridge borough last year. Isn't that amazing? We have been to Valentines park two weekends in a row and it was so relaxing to watch the birds. I now know of many species of birds and ducks that I wasn't aware of earlier. Here are some pictures from our latest visit to Valentines park.


  1. I've heard that sometimes indian ringneck parakeets can be spotted here- have you any idea whereabouts they can be found?


    1. Yes, you can spot them. I have seen a couple. There is no particular region where they frequent. You just need to keep a lookout.


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