Making the Most of Your Time in Whitby Holiday Cottages

Whitby holiday cottages are becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice for both residents inside and outside of the UK. Holiday cottages in the quaint North Yorkshire town of Whitby are a great choice because they offer you both freedom and privacy whilst you’re on your vacation.

Here’s what you can do to make the most of your stay in Whitby Holiday Cottages.

1.Wake Up Early

Most people go on holiday to relax and unwind from the daily struggle of their working lives. If you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your stay in Whitby holiday cottages then it is important you’re up at the crack of dawn, ready to attack the day.

There’s plenty to do early in the morning in Whitby. Get yourself down to the beach for a stroll or even better, get out onto the unspoiled Yorkshire Moors.

What’s more, if you get into the habit of waking up early you’ll have no trouble laying your head to rest at the end of the day. No one likes tossing and turning at night; the best way to avoid this is an active day, leaving yourself too tired to even try and stay awake.

2. Plan Out Your Day

Planning out your day is essential for those who really want to make the most of their stay in Whitby. Decide what you want to do and in what order you want to do it. You can then work out how you can minimize journey time and cram in everything you really want to do.

All in all, you will spend less time in transit and more time doing what you want to do in Whitby!

3. Rent a Car

Although the town of Whitby is relatively small and by all means accessible by foot, if you want to get off the beaten track and do more with your time then it is wise to either take or rent a car.

Again, you’ll have faster access to everything that you want to see, meaning that you will be able to do more. On top of this, you won’t tire yourself out walking from sight-to-sight, meaning you’ll have more energy to maximise your days!

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